domenica 27 ottobre 2013

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  1. Ah, Guamy, you made your blog private.
    I thought about doing that with my second blog, too.
    But of course, it's hard to build up an 'audience' with a 'private' blog since nobody can access it. And I love some interaction with my audience
    But it's a good and safe way to share work you don't want everybody to see.

    Cool photo!


  2. I noticed numerous visits to my blog by a pornographic site, it seems strange so I'm a little alarmed, the photos are dated, but I would not circulate out of the blog. I gladly accept tips. Hello Nadja, your work continues to please me :-)

  3. Guamy, I am so glad you tell me this!
    You don't have to worry about those sites that seem to visit your blog.
    They are not really visitors! Nobody from that site actually visits your blog.
    These are called referer spammers.
    Here a Wikipedia article about that:

    I'll try to explain it a bit.
    For example, I have a link to your blog on my blog.
    If somebody uses the link on my page to visit your blog you can see that in your Blogger- statistics.
    These referer spam people use this system.
    Without actually visiting your blog, they can still place links to their websites!
    Also, if you go and check these websites, there will be NO link to your blog on that page! It's fake!
    Don't ask me about the technical details how they do this exactly! It's complicated if you don't know very much about computers and the internet.
    I researched this many times but I still don't understand completely and I am no computer- beginner.

    But, you should NOT click on these suspicious links in your Blogger statistics!
    That is exactly what these people want, and that's why they do this!
    They just try to generate traffic to their own websites!
    And when you do click on their links and so visit those websites chances are very big they infect you with a virus! Especially with a Windows computer this is very dangerous.
    With an Apple computer you are better protected.
    But you still better don't take the chance!

    To be continued...

  4. You recognise these kind of links after a while.
    They have weird names, often containing numbers.
    What I sometimes do is copy the link and search it in Google when I am curious.
    Then you immediately find in the results some explanations that these are no normal websites and that many people have questions about them because they see them in their Blogger statistics.

    Another thing that is connected with this, are spam comments on your blog.
    They are always weird comments because they are not related to the subject in your photos or articles on your blog.
    That's how you can see they are no real visitors.
    And those comments always contain a link!
    You should never click on these links!
    They want to sell you stuff on that website, or infect your computer with a virus.
    They also do this to collect more blog URL's and email addresses.
    Because if another (real) visitor place comments on the same post after them, they receive this information via the 'receive follow up comments notification'- system of Blogger.
    Often Blogger will recognise these fake comments and won't publish them on your blog, but places them in the spam section on your comments page instead.
    But sometimes they do not recognise these fake comments and they will be published on your blog anyway.
    When one of these fake comments get published on your blog, it is important that you go to your comment- page and mark them as spam! that will remove the fake comment from your blog.
    And this way, hopefully Blogger will recognise them next time they try to publish a comment on your blog and sends it to the spam section immediately without publishing them!

    This is a long known problem for Blogs (and other websites) for which they can't seem to find a solution at Google/Blogger.
    I find that weird because other statistic- counter can make the distinction between these referer spammers and real visitors.
    But this is the way it is.

  5. If you install another statistic counter on your blog you can see that you won't find back these 'visits' from referer spammers.
    I have installed a statistics counter on my blog as many Bloggers do:

    These counters are not perfect; Sometimes they won't show real visitors for example.
    But you will never find "visits" from referer spammers in the results.
    And you will get a better idea of who really visits your blog.
    You can see the countries that visit, and even the city of the visitor on these counters.
    And you will also see the link if they came to your blog via another blog or website, for example via my blog.

    Sorry for the long explanation. No short way to explain this.
    Maybe you can do some research in your own language about this if you want to know more about it.

    But, please feel free to ask me if you have any problem related to your blog!

  6. Thanks Nadja, you really are very kind, you've made all of my questions, now we can start with our photos .. ahahahah :-) Ciao!!