mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

2 commenti:

  1. Beautiful photo, great light and amazing colours!
    It reminds me of a Man Ray. In black and white I bet one could sell it as a Man Ray.
    I think it's the composition and the light that does that.
    He's my big photography idol by the way.
    And you don't come far behind him, Guamy! :-))
    Oh, what happened to the newest photo? The forbidden sign makes me think it's a photo that got removed from Picasa, for whatever ridiculous reasons.
    I've seen it in my albums, too, lately.
    As if they are trying out some nude/porn- detection software.
    Some photos get removed immediately after I place them.
    Sometimes it takes a little while.
    But it's always impossible to place those photos again, removed each time again.
    So I have to place those photos directly from my hard drive to the blog.

  2. That best compliments I do, I'm a little 'exaggerated but I'm happy. I saw that these images do not open, I do not think have been censored, perhaps
    I made a mistake in loading, I will reset.