domenica 12 maggio 2013

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  1. These photos are SO beautiful, wow.
    I LOVE them. Such beautiful compositions and great light/shadow- play.
    And it's a super beautiful lady, too, of course.
    I see that blogging has no secrets for you anymore, cool!
    What a joy to visit here... Keep it up! :-))

  2. I'm really glad you enjoy my photos, and then your compliments make me happy, thanks :-) I'm not so satisfied with my work, technically, these images are almost all a bit flawed, lack of sharpness, grain swells and irregular etc. . Using old cameras to film the shots were precise, (never late) but because of the low light and objectives of the films is not sensitive enough, in critical condition was difficult to get perfect images.

  3. That's a good thing, I'm not such a big fan of 'perfect'. :-))
    Besides, what is 'perfect'? These look perfect to me!
    Technically perfect often gives boring results. The mood of a photo is more important than any technical details. And what you call 'flawed' actually adds to the mood. And, they try, but the wonderful flaws of old analogue photos still can't be imitated by Photoshop tricks! Show us the 'flawed' photos, too. The real stuff, can't wait to see more.

  4. I'm not a huge fan of great shots, but I happen to observe and criticize the work of others, the perfection of the technique used allows for a clearer expression: most of us can understand a written text with perfect calligraphy, but few of us would be able to decipher a very personalized and barely legible handwriting ...... Now tell me that photography is more of calligraphy, you're right :-)

  5. well done..! I really like the "old fashioned" way of processing the shots...the grain and the "not so perfect" results!...and I love to see women with pubic hair!..keep it up..great work!