venerdì 29 marzo 2013

4 commenti:

  1. Hello, Guamy,
    I really love your nude photos, very beautiful.
    I do know you from other photography- pages, isn't it?
    Really very glad to see you started a blog!
    And I look forward to see more of your nude photography!
    Greetings and XXX!

    1. Hello Nadja, I have not yet understood exactly how to build the blog in the coming days but I hope you understand. I saw that you always insert a very nice photos!

  2. Of course I understand. It took me a whole while to understand the blog, too. I will be patient, your photos are surely worth it!
    Good luck with the blog, and with the photos!
    See you!
    Oh, and thank you! Much more photos to come. I'm very busy shooting lately.
    I'm so happy with that! :-))